What does my work consist of?

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If you have a small business and you're looking for a Logo or Visual Identity that will help your brand to stand out, that reflects your personality and values, to attract new potential customers.

Logo/Brand Identity
Business Cards
Illustrations for product packaging
Wedding Invitations
Patterns to be printed on paper/cloth
Catalogs, brochures and other
communication material

2020 in A Nutshell
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I create illustrations for brands/companies, but also for the publishing world.
Illustration is an engaging, versatile and empathetic communication tool with great potential, as it captures the attention of the audience and it is able to convey complex messages with simple forms.

I also create portraits on commission.

Illustrations for Blogs
Illustrations for articoles
Illustrations for books' covers


I create graphics and illustrations for your brand's social channels that enhance your products and make your online communication stand out.

Illustrations for your website
1:1 illustrations for your social channels
GIFs for Instagram (Giphy)
Illustrated banners
Social covers (FB, IG)
Icons for Highlight Stories

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