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A SIP OF ITALY - ArtOfItalicus2020
Illustration (2020)
International contest

Graphic designers, illustrators and artists are called to represent, with digital graphic techniques, the traditional moment of the Italian aperitif, including the iconic Italicus bottle and its peculiarities.

With this elaborate I wanted to represent the explosion of Italian colours, smells and flavours, enclosed in a bottle of Italicus, giving importance to history also, therefore to the Italian cultural heritage that inspired the rebirth of this Aperitif, passing from the book “Il Liquorista Pratico”, to the King of Savoy holding a glass of Italicus in his hand (to symbolize the link between tradition and innovation) and again passing through Turin, Rome, to Amalfi, whose aquamarine colour blends with the glass of the bottle, next to a Roman column. As a frame, we find some of the raw materials that constitute the essence of the drink: lavender, Roman chamomile, yellow roses, Gentian, cedar and bergamot, which will be handcrafted, as the hands symbolize

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